Below are upcoming auctions and activities that should be of interest to THCKK members and others interested in Winchester, Keen Kutter, Diamond Edge, Blue Grass, etc. items:

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Unbelievable Wood Working & Tool Auction

(One Man's Collection)

Saturday, July 2nd @ 9:00 AM

18312 N. 175th St. Oblong, IL 62449

Directions: From Casey, IL Go South On Rt. 49 To 100st Rd., Go On South On 100st 2 Miles To Small Jog In Rd. On South On 2100E 2 Miles To 2000N Rd. Go East 4.2 Miles To Rd. 200E, South 1.9 Miles OR From Annapolis, IL Go West 6 Miles To 200E, South 1.9 Miles.

Please click on the link above.  A tremendous number of tools including Winchester, Keen Kutter, Stanley, etc.




Saturday * July 9 @ 10 AM 13137 N. Garner Rd. Richmond, MO 64085 Selling the tool collection of the late Bob MacMahan, OK. 90% KEEN KUTTER. Good tools in good cond. & an assortment of Keen Kutter & Diamond Edge collectibles. 50+ pocket knives. Lots of interest & value in this nice auction

The majority of Tools in this list are Keen Kutter

Not a cataloged auction.

• Approx. 50 Pocket Knives, (Keen Kutter & Diamond Edge) • Glass Cutters, Can Openers, 11 Saw Sets • Some Invoices, Want Books, Adv., Etc. Carpenter’s & Mechanical Pencils(Keen Kutter & Diamond Edge), Commemorative KK Marble, String Tags (Keen Kutter & Diamond Edge), Keen Kutter Lighter & Match Books, Keen Kutter Spark Plug Box w/a Spark Plug • 3 Kraut Cutters, 2 Wash Boards, Simmons Wood Wringer • 3 Concrete Tools ( S-257, S-253 & Oak Leaf) • Simmons Rivet Set, Keen Kutter Brush Knife • 18 Pr. Pliers & Cutters, 11 Screwdrivers • Norleigh Diamond Barn Roller • Simmons Stove Crown & Stove Finial (Flames) • Lot Of Ice Skates & Roller Skates(Keen Kutter) • Simmons Sad Irons, Misc. Flat Iron • 2 Blow Torches, 2 Sm. Bench Vises • 6 Simmons Keen Kutter Gas Cans, Shap. Utility Gas Can & 3 Oil Cans, Winc. Anti-Freeze Can • 1 Hand Held Propane Torch & Extra Bottle • Sahara Auto Water Bag (Canvas), Shap. • 2 Keen Kutter & 1 Diamond Edge Bench Grinders, Diamond Edge Grinders Cover • Very Lg. Lot Of Meat Grinders, 3 Food Choppers • 2 Keen Kutter Corn Grinders/Gristmills • 4 Diamond Edge Insulated. Water Jugs,1 Diamond Edge, 1 Keen Kutter Thermos • Winchester Trailblazer Camp Stove • Barn Lanterns (1-Bluegrass, 2-Shap.) • 2 Keen Kutter Seal Beam Lanterns • Lot Of Files, Wood Chisels, Diamond Edge Nail Puller • Dividers, Plumb Bobs, Diamond Edge Crate Hammer, Keen Kutter Crate Hammer • Keen Kutter Spoke Shave,13 Drawknives • 7 Hedge Trimmers, 3 Pr. Loppers, 7 Hand Scythes • Lot Of Wood Chisels, 7 Putty Knives • 2 Leather Tools, 6 Punches & Chisels • 16 Pr. Hoof Trimmers & Carpenter Pinchers • Right Angle Brace, 10+ Braces, Lg. Lot Auger Bits • 27+ Hand Saws, 3 Hack Saws, 9 Meat Saws, Buck Saw & Metal Limb Saw, Diamond Edge Back Saw • Dehorning Saw, Diamond Edge Flooring Saw, 6 Coping Saws • Keen Kutter Miter Box & Saw+ Extra Saw • 6 Pipe Wrenches, 5 Alligator Wrenches • 10 Tin Snips, 4 Crescent Wrenches • 8 Hand Shears (Big, Heavy Duty) • 14 Dbl. Bit Axes, 28 Single Bit Axes • Keen Kutter Broad Axe, 50+ Hatchets (Shingling, Claw, Camp, Hand Axes), 10 Keen Kutter Axe Heads, 2 Keen Kutter Broad Axe Heads, Diamond Edge Axe Head • Keen Kutter Miner’s Pick, Keen Kutter Bricklayer’s Skutch • 2 Keen Kutter Brick Hammers, 40+ Claw & Ball Pein Hammers • 2 Keen Kutter Soldering Irons, Floor Scraper • 18 Wood Levels (Keen Kutter) 1 Shap. Level • 3 Hand Drills, 6 Push Drills, 2 Expansion Bits • 6 Keen Kutter Power Tools, Keen Kutter Electric Power Tool Store Display, Shap. Wire Countertop Display For Wire • 4 Mule Shears, 4 Pr. Grass Shears • 33+ Block Planes, 5 Framing Squares • Keen Kutter Single Door Wall Tool Cabinet • Carpenters Box, Leather Suitcase Style • 5 Metal Keen Kutter Adv. Signs • 2 Simmons Fruit & Lard Presses • 3 Foot Adzes, 2 Eye Hoes, Grubbing Hoe • 4 Kitchen Scales (2 Simmons, 1-Polly Prim, 1 Shap.) • Shap. & Keen Kutter Push Oil Cans • Lot Safety Razors & Hones, 9 Straight Razors, 7 Razor Strops • Keen Kutter Watch Fob, Simmons Padlock, Keen Kutter Belt Buckle • Lot Of Keen Kutter Carving Sets (Stag Hndl., Silver Ferrules), Bread Knives, Slicers, Chicken Shears, • 5 Knife Steels, Lot Of Keen Kutter Forks, 2 Empty Cutlery Boxes (Old Style Labels) • Keen Kutter Paper Store Paper Holder(Logo Feet) & Some Paper On Roll • Lot Of Old Hickory Diamond Edge Butcher Knives • Tape Measures, 4 Fold 1 Ft. Rule, 3 Ft. 4 Fold Rule, Sliding Yardstick, Wooden Marking Gauges,4 Tri-Bevels, 2 TriSquares • 7 Pr. Hair Clippers, Lg. Lot Of Scissors • Wooden Keen Kutter Axe Boxes & Others • Simmons Socket Firmer Box & Drill Bit Box, Orig. Labels, Keen Kutter Hollow Ground Axe Box, Slide Top, Wood • 2 Keen Kutter Tool Racks, Green, Wall Mount • Shap. Rat Trap, 4 Fly Sprayers (Shap) • Metal Childs Wagon (Shap. Racer?, Hard To Read), + Early Photo Of Boys In Shap. Wagon • Simmons Hand Truck • Simmons Polly Prim Ironing Board • Keen Kutter Floor Display Case, Slant Cantilever Top, W/Display Dividers • Over 50 Long Tools (Rakes, Post Hole Diggers, Spading Forks, Pitch Forks, Shovels (Long Hnd. & D Hndl), Sharpshooters, Grubbing Hoes, Scythes, Etc.) Hand Scythe W/Extra Hndl. • Simmons Water Hydrant • Keen Kutter Water Heater • Toy Keen Kutter Waffle Iron, 2 Keen Kutter Logo Locks, Winc. Lock, Keen Kutter & Winc. Watch Fobs, Winchester. Ash Tray & 3 Winchester Marbles. Winchester Can Opener, Keen Kutter Poster: “The Dog Doesn’t Mind”) (All new or repros)

Directions: From Richmond take Hwy 13N. to 134th, go W. to Garner Rd, go S. to 3rd house on left. Signs posted on Hwy 13. Held Rain or Shine, inside lg. barn. Concessions & Restrooms available. Cash or Check. No credit cards. Not responsible for accidents AUCTIONEERS: BOB SIMMONS (816-776-2936) GARY HUNT (816-776-3380 & 816-217-3113)


Antique Trade Tools Auction 

Tiller's International Facility in Scotts, MI.


Taking place just south of Kalamazoo in conjunction with the 

M-WTCA Area C meet on July 16, 2016 at TILLERS INTERNATIONAL FACILITY: 10515 East OP Ave., Scotts, MI(269) 626-0223. Exit 85 on 1-94. Drive south on 35th St. Turn right onto MN Ave. for 1/2 mile. Turn left onto 34th St. for 2 1/4 miles. Turn left onto OP Ave. and drive until you pass a cemetery and the first narrow bridge. Tillers is the drive on the left between bridges. Follow the lane. Welcome!

A lot tools, particularly Stanley with some Winchester and Keen Kutter


    The following antiques owned by the DeWayne Graber Estate

will offered for sale at public auction on

   July 23, 2016 * 9:30 a.m. EDT

     At Dinky’s Auction Center 

 9368 E 550 N Montgomery IN 47558

Integrity Auctions & Realty, Auctioneers

Among many other items, A very large number of assorted Keen Kutter and Bluegrass tools including: Shovels, spades, axes, hatchets, hammers, hand saws, water jugs, approx. 40 small meat grinders, and many others. Also to include: several Dazey butter churns, a Bentwood Churn (w/ great stenciling), 


July 30, 2016
Harvester Lions Club
4835 Central School Road
St. Charles (St. Louis), MO 63304

For viewing items and bidding onliue click on Auction


Simmons Auction Service

Huge Winchester & Keen Kutter Auction 

(over 900 Lots) incl. 91 Great Guns

16-17 September 2016, start 9 AM each day 

312 Clark St. Richmond, MO

"Gun List" 

(Guns sell on Saturday)

(Full Auction List and Pictures will be uploaded in May) 

We are very pleased to be conducting this great Winchester and Keen Kutter Auction, the lifetime collections of Robert Lehman, Lebanon, MO. & Charles (Chuck) Porter, Alton, Illinois. This auction is chock full of a wonderful variety of hard to find items that will interest all collectors from those just beginning to those looking for the rare pcs.  Please make plans now to join us. This is one of the best gun auctions we've been privileged to hold.


September 24, 2016
Harvester Lions Club
4835 Central School Road
St. Charles (St. Louis), MO 63304


November 19, 2016 
Harvester Lions Club 
4835 Central School Road 
St. Charles (St. Louis), MO 63304


2017 THCKK Annual Auction and Tailgating

Auction by Simmons Auction Service in Richmond MO

16, 17, 18 March 2017

Thursday, 16 March 2017 – Tailgating, must be THCKK member

Friday, 17 March 2017 – Day one auction

Saturday, 18 March 2017 – Day two auction

A great auction with lots of Winchester, Keen Kutter, and Diamond Edge items

 If you want to consign items for the 2017 auction, please contact Rilla Simmons at or call 816.776.2936