Below are upcoming auctions and activities that should be of interest to THCKK members and others interested in Winchester, Keen Kutter, Diamond Edge, Blue Grass, etc. items:

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Chupp's Winter 3-Day Auction - Saturday Session

by Chupp Auctions & Real Estate, LLC

January 20, 2018, 8:30 AM EST | Shipshewana, IN, US Live Auction

Lot 1409: Keen Kutter regulator calendar clock

This is the only Keen Kutter item on this auction.  It is the Webmaster’s judgment that this is a counterfeit Keen Kutter clock.  The clock is real, buy someone decided to add ag new Keen Kutter glass panel.


Public Auction

Saturday, January 20th, 2018 at 10:00 AM

US Military, Oil Product Advertising, Keen Kutter & Simmons,
Cast Iron Grain Drill Ends, Planter Boxes, Railroad

Citizen Pottawatomi Community Building
806 Nishnabe Trail, Rossville, Kansas

KEEN KUTTER & SIMMONS: 60-70 pcs saws, scissors, pedal grindstone; wrenches, screwdrivers, squares, key, craving set, riveter; lantern; hack saw; rulers; hatches; hammers; nail set; star punch; sheep shears; level; hedge trimmers; Yankee screwdriver; drawknife; pliers; nippers; bits.


Lifetime Collection tool Auction, Keen Kutter

Saturday January 20, 2018 | 1538 Court Street. BEATRICE, NE. US. 68310



3-4 February 2018

Owner: Dave & Sherry Wahl Estate 4-H Building, 3715 East Bismarck Expressway, Bismarck, ND

North Star Auction & Appraisal Company

Many Stanley, Keen Kutter, Winchester Items

Pictures for 3 February

Pictures for 4 February

NOTE:  Dave Wahl is a THCKK member



The Classic Air Works Consignment Auction
Feb. 15, 16 & 17, 2018

Located in Mt. Hope, Ohio
Mt. Hope Auction Grounds

GPS Location: 8076 SR 241 Millersburg OH 44654




MANHATTAN, KANSAS 785-539-2316




US MILITARY: 7 McClellan Army saddles (one with fenders, one with brass horn); US pack saddle; 5 prs US spurs; US feed bag; US stirrups; US saddle bags; 20 US bridle bits; US bridle rosettes. Large Black smith anvil; 2 Blacksmith forges; Blacksmith tongs; disk sharpeners; wooden corn sheller; wagon box corn shellers; wagon tongue hounds templet; Planter Jr #4 planter with original wrench; Singer treadle sewing machine; 4 cast iron wagon bolsters; lantern globes; fruits jars; 150-200 advertising bullet pencils; collection of thousands advertising pens & pencils; Purina Feeds advertising-flashlight, cloth & wooden yardsticks, cane, clothes pin bag; wool cards; large wooden clamp calipers; 2 scythes; 12 different blow torches; 57 soldering irons; 4 iron nutcrackers; Topeka Foundry items; chalk Hereford bull; Farmland and Mobil oil radios; Real-Kill display shelf; Case implement seat clock; cast iron Queen City coal chute; Century drill bit display case; hand crank snow fence making machine; Goodyear advertising sign, screwdriver, ice scrapers, pencils, yardstick, key chains, stapler etc; bridle bits; curry comb collection; cow yokes; horseshoes; neck yokes; singletree; horse collar pad; 1930’s WPA (Work in Progress) maul handle; Dr. Legears “wormafloc”; veterinarian pig holder; implement seats; 38 various style drawknives; 3 vises; butchering sticks; calf buckets; muzzles; pitch fork; axes; jacks; cow stations. OIL PRODUCT ADVERTISING: Collection 250 one qt oil cans; 70 pump (squirt) oil cans; 25 one & two gallon oil product cans; 40 small oil cans (Texaco, Maytag, Winchester, Lee Hardware Salina, Ks, ‘Jubilee’ etc); Coop metal sign & collection of various Coop tins; various brands grease cartridges. KEEN KUTTER & SIMMONS: 60-70pcs saws, scissors, pedal grindstone; wrenches, screwdrivers, squares, key, craving set, rivetor; lantern; hack saw; rulers; hatches; hammers; nail set; star punch; sheep shears; level; hedge trimmers; Yankee screwdriver; drawknife; pliers; nippers; bits. CAST IRON GRAIN DRILL ENDS: Case Eagle; Buckeye; E-B grain drill; Van Brunt (2 styles); Hoosier grain drill Co.; American Seeding machine (2 styles); Superior Grain Co.; Thomas grain drill ends; tin IHC & Case grain drill ends. PLANTER BOXES: John Deere (4-leg deer); 2 styles Case, Coop, Black Hawk, IHC; Urbansky & Sons-St. Marys, KS, porcelain sign Dutchess Trousers 10 cent per button; old maps; 1921 Kelly Blue Book. RAILROAD: Padlocks, wrenches, UP clock, AT&SF dipper, bearing packer, tool for box cars, yardsticks, picks, sledge hammers, oil cans, Trolley car link & pin. Cast iron hanging whip holder; horse hitching weights; potato scoop; banana knife; leather tools; various plumb bobs; hog snooter & scraper; pitching horseshoes; roller chain breaker; Cooper’s drawknife; Traveler (for measuring wheels); Trocars; calf lead; shock tightner; corn drying hooks; cast iron file handles; 2 cable cutters; Marysville ice Co. ice tongs; sugar auger; hoof knife made from file; small scoops; Walnut picker upper; old car rim tools; approximately 230 hammers including round stone hammers, coal advertising hammers, tack hammers, claw hammers of all descriptions, child’s ballpeen , Plumb, Keen Kutter, Cheney & many other brands; several hatchets; wooden clamps; ice tools; Winchester screwdriver; Winchester flashlight; IHC shop wrench; pipe jacks; weights; hand powered house water pump; augers; harness brass; giant mouse trap; harness hames; miniature tools & tie clasps; Super large pipe wrenches; hand operate sickle hedge trimmers; large posthole tamper; bottle capper; thread chaser; bearing scrapers; horn trainer for dairy cattle; 12 hay hooks including one patented in Manhattan, Ks; saw sets; elevator scale weights; various “what is it” tools; electric & wind-up alarm clocks; 150 yardsticks; brass & copper spray pumps; old automobile tools, valve lifters, grinders, ring compress


Wilkinson Auction & Realty Co

1050 N. Orange Street
Richland Center, WI

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TELE: (608) 647-2756 or (608) 604-3001

DATE: Tuesday February 27, 2018

TIME: 9:30 AM

LUNCH: Boondox Buffet

LOCATION: Auction will be held at the Richland Center Community Building at 1050 N. Orange Street in Richland Center, WI. Watch for Wilkinson Auction arrows.

WINCHESTER ITEMS: hatchet; food grinders; gun oil can & bottle; small cast iron sign; jacket-new; 3 chisels; roll of BB’s; fish spinner bait; brass shell; straight razor; key chain flashlight; scissors; pliers; 2 packages of split shot; sinkers; wooden ammo boxes; 1953 calendar page.

KEEN KUTTER: Single bit ax; small broad head hatchet; jack knife; straight razors; level; food grinders; game shears; set of scissors in original case; misc. scissors; can opener; lock; key; paper punch; nail set; cook book; price guide book; letter from President of Keen Kutter Co.

2018 THCKK Annual Auction and Tailgating

Auction by Simmons Auction Service in Richmond MO

15, 16, 17 March 2018

Thursday, 15 March 2018 – Tailgating, now open to both THCKK members and non-THCKK members

Friday, 16 March 2018 – Day one auction

Saturday, 17 March 2018 – Day two auction

For information about the auction contact Rilla Simmons at or call 816.776.2936

View more information at .